Barenz Information Flyer


Flyer and Print Advertising

The first part of this job was to research and collate information about the business. We took that information and designed an A4 flyer, to be distributed to journalists and guests of the restaurant/cafe as a ‘general information’ sheet. The A4 flyer has a 3 column, magazine style layout.

Barenz wanted to increase their advertising exposure via wedding magazines and local newspaper. MAAD Creative came up with a concept for the magazine ad. It explains that Barenz fits into the wedding before and after process the wedding itself; “we don’t do wedding receptions, but we do everything else.”

The newspaper ad is an extension of the ‘funtional living’ campaign, showing that Barenz knows how to party.

The brand style of Barenz is to focus on people and social exchange. We used dialogue, speech bubbles and black and white to capture the traditional values of Barenz. While we created a slightly quirky advertisement that is modern and relates to a younger adult audience.

Wedding Magazine Ad

Wedding Magazine Ad

Newspaper Ad

Dining Feature

Newspaper Ad (Dining Feature)