Camden Beach Sports website

Very exciting..thanks Aaron…I’m rapt.

Bruce Turton

Owner, Camden Beach Sports

Camden Beach Sports

Website Design

This website is a nice, simple informational website. It contains downloadable PDF files, an Instagram Feed, Facebook integration and a blog for News and Upcoming Events. For this project, we began with a sitemap, a list of features and a few conversations to confirm what features would best fit into the development budget.

We decided to stick with a basic initial development that can be phased to include extra features down the track, such as competition results and statistics. We developed this website live, so the client could review our design and development progress and while customers could still view the Camden Beach Sports homepage information.

The client received a handover document with instructions and screenshots describing, step-by-step, how to maintain the blog and perform basic updates. We ran through some basic training and confirm the steps. Their Managed WordPress Hosting as complimented with Unlimited IMAP business email.