Goanna Logistics


We received this brief via email. The company owners were fairly particular about the design elements they wanted. They described the imagery of a goanna with its tongue wrapping around the letter ‘G’ and asked if we could illustrate the logo exactly the way they described. Goanna Logistics also told us their budget for the project.

MAAD Creative responded by sourcing an existing goanna illustration that could be manipulated into a logo design. This saved heaps of time compared to illustrating the goanna from scratch. We compromised by wrapping the goanna’s tail around the ‘N’ instead of the tongue around the ‘G’ – from a layout perspective this worked better as a logo design.

The nice surprise for Goanna Logistics was the neat brand position and slogan we created: “The Go-Getters in Logistics”. And a simple explanation of their service: “Transporting Goods. Day & Night.”