Robyn Wilson Training Company

Robyn Wilson Training Company


Robyn Wilson was referred to MAAD Creative by another client. Robyn’s dilemma was not being able to decide on exactly the image or the message that she wanted to portray in her company logo.

The best way to approach this kind of job is with a step-by-step branding approach. We began with a consultation and took a detailed brief. We proposed three different brand concepts and a detailed rationale on each. From those three brand concepts, the client chose one concept to focus on.

The chosen brand concept was then reworked three times, to produce a final logo design, complete with tagline/slogan.

Oh I posted the logo and the slogan on Facebook and it is going off big time.. I will give you a big promo on my page when the business page is open… Awesome!

Robyn Wilson

Owner, Robyn Wilson Training Company